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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge depart Hamburg after five-day tour

The Cambridges fly home after a five-day tour of Poland and Germany. Credit: PA

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are on their way home after a five-day European tour.

The prince and princess explored a rescue helicopter flown by their father in his job as an air ambulance pilot, as well as another model, as they visit Airbus' plant in Hamburg before they boarded their flight home.

George in the cockpit of the rescue helicopter. Credit: PA

George tried on a helmet and Charlotte pushed buttons in the cockpit. The Charlotte once again demonstrated her diplomacy skills shaking hands with several officials.

Antoine van Gent, head of flight testing at Airbus, said: "The Duke was very relaxed showing his children the professional aircraft he uses.

Princess Charlotte explores the cockpit of a rescue helicopter. Credit: PA

"George was excited - with the first helicopter he wanted to sit in the cockpit and then he wanted to sit in the next one, he already knew there was a difference between them.

"Charlotte was also excited. After her brother had sat in the cockpit, she wanted to as well.

"Charlotte asked her mother if she could push a button and the Duchess glanced at us and asked if it was okay, and we said yes."

Princess Charlotte holds her mother's hand, as they prepare to board their flight home. Credit: PA

The family ended their trip to Poland and Germany in Hamburg where earlier the duke and duchess had paid a visit to the city's new concert hall where the duchess had tried her hand at conducting the prestigious Hamburg Symphony Orchestra.

The musicians followed the duchess' lead for the first four notes of Beethoven's famous fifth symphony.

The duchess tries her hand at conducting. Credit: PA

The royal couple later sat in an auditorium listening to a performance of the symphony especially adapted for young people.