Salvador Dali's moustache 'remains intact' 28 years after his death

Salvador Dali's famous moustache remains intact 28 years after the surrealist painter died.

Forensic experts made the discovery after his embalmed body was exhumed for DNA testing.

Officials said the artist’s mummified remains were so well conserved his famous mustache had remained in “its classic shape of ten past ten,” referring to the positions of the hands on a clock.

The exhumation comes after Pilar Abel, a 61-year-old tarot card reader, won a court order to settle the question of her paternity.

Forensic experts opened the artist’s coffin Thursday night. Credit: AP

Forensic experts opened the artist’s coffin on Thursday night in a sensitive operation that involved using pulleys to lift a 1.5-ton stone slab.

According to judicial authorities, only five people - a judge, three coroners and an assistant - were allowed to oversee the removal of the samples out of respect for the remains and in order to avoid any contamination.

Dali died aged 84 in 1989 and was buried in the Dali Museum Theatre in his birthplace, Figueres.

Ms Abel says her mother had an affair with Dali in the town. In June, a Madrid judge finally ruled that a DNA test should be performed to find out whether her allegations were true.