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Eat, Shop, Save: The Killicks

The Killicks, from Berkshire, are the third family to feature on Eat, Shop, Save - on ITV Thursday 27th July at 7:30pm Photo: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save

This week the Eat, Shop, Save and the team are in Berkshire to help the Killicks shake up their health and bank balance.

Mum Rosealeen, a hospital ward sister, and Dad Steve, who works in IT, are feeling the pressure of full time work on their home life.

This family of four want to get a grip on their eating habits - particularly Steve - who finds himself enjoying the occasional midnight feast! It’s a habit that’s seen him pile on three stone, making Rosealeen worried about her husband’s health.

To get their health back on track chef and nutritionist Dale Pinnock wants to change up the family's eating habits - starting with the late night snacking...and what better way to do that than with some ideas for healthy snacking alternatives!

Homemade and healthy flapjacks are a good way to curb extra snacking Credit: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save

The family are also keen to get moving and shed the pounds they’ve both put on over time. So Ranvir is sending in fitness coach Tom Pitfield to show them how to fit in exercise, even with little ones running around.

Tune into #EatShopSave on Thursday 27th July at 7:30pm to hear more from the Eat, Shop, Save team.

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