Crossrail contractors fined £1 million over worker's death

Crossrail contractors have been hit with a fine of more than a million pounds over the death of a worker and two on-site injuries.

Contractors were fined in relation to the death of Rene Tkacik, from Slovakia, who died working on the Holborn section of Crossrail in 2014.

Mr Tkacik, 43 was killed after being crushed to death by falling wet concrete.

Then in January 2015, two men were injured in separate incidents within six days of each other - also near to the Fisher Street area of central London.

Rene Tkacik was killed when wet concrete fell onto him

The three men had been working for Bam Ferrovial Kier (BFK), a venture made up of three companies, who later pleaded guilty to health and safety breaches at Southwark Crown Court.

In the other incidents, Alex Vizitiu suffered head and hip injuries after being hit by pressurised water and concrete debris, while Terence Hughes suffered leg fractures having been struck by an excavator.

On all three occasions, BFK was found to have failed to enforce exclusion zones which would have helped protect workers from foreseeable harm.

The three contractors were fined £300,000 in relation to the death of Mr Tkacik, £600,000 and £165,000 over the injuries to Mr Hughes and Mr Vizitiu respectively.

Crossrail is scheduled to open in December 2018. Credit: PA

A Health and Safety Executive spokesperson said: “The omission to implement exclusion zones in a high hazard environment was a consistent failure in this case.

"Had simple measures such as these been taken, all three incidents could have been prevented, and Renè Tkáčik may not have died."

The new Crossrail railway line, which runs from Reading in Berkshire through central London, will open in December 2018.