Eat, Shop, Save: Dale's recipes and tips

Chef and nutritionist Dale Pinnock gives us the low-down on healthy, low cost food on Eat, Shop Save. Credit: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save


Food, glorious, food! We’re a country that loves to keep our tummies full, but there’s a knack to being clued up about how to enjoy your food, love cooking and keep yourself healthy at the same time.

One of the experts on our Eat, Shop, Save team is Dale Pinnock, our resident chef and nutritionist. He’s here to simplify cooking, take you right back to basics and get you enjoying every last second of it. gone!

Everyone knows a fussy eater, you know the ones, they ONLY want to eat chicken dippers. Quite often, fussy eaters can be your kids, like the Harling’s in Episode 1.

Desperate to get some nutrients into their food? A good way of doing this can be to hide vegetables in a sauce, then blend it so they don’t know any different - think curries, pasta etc.

It’s sort of like a magic trick, just with no hats and bunny rabbits!

Turn takeaway favourites into tasty home cooked meals

A takeaway pizza not only stretches your bank balance, but your waistline too. So sometimes it’s about finding tasty alternatives that will keep you healthy and save you money at the same time.

Do you find yourself ordering takeaways for ease and convenience after a long day at work? Well Dale has an even better alternative, by making a mini pizza out of pittas...and it will only take you just over 5 minutes!

Chef and nutritionist, Dale Pinnock shows the Williamson-Simpsons how to make pitta pizzas Credit: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save

Step away from the biscuit jar...

It’s all too easy to let a treat get out of biscuit can quickly turn into 20 and when you’ve spent your entire recommended daily intake munching through a packet of them, you’re in deep trouble!

Keep the temptation at bay by making homemade snacks, that are healthy and nutritious and swap the midnight munchies for some flapjacks.

Broke and busy? Try batch cooking!

Like the Williamson-Simpsons from Episode 2, finding the time to cook food from fresh with full-time jobs and young children, can seem like an almighty task.

It can lead to ready meals and takeaways galore, which we all know is not helpful when you’re trying to save a bit of money or lose weight.

One way to tackle this, is with batch cooking. Devote some time once a week, say Sunday afternoon, to making all your meals for the week which you can then freeze.

By cooking one-pot meals like chilli or curry, you could be making 10 portions in one go, which will give you tasty, healthy meals all week. All you have to do is defrost on a busy work night...and eat!

Try batch cooking for a healthier swap! Eat, Shop, Save is on Thursdays on ITV Credit: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save

Challenge yourself like our families did in Eat, Shop, Save and see what changes you can make in 8 weeks.

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