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Taylor Swift in court over claims former DJ 'groped' her as they posed for a photo

Taylor Swift is counter-suing a DJ who says her accusations are false and she pressured management to fire him. Credit: PA

Taylor Swift is in court over claims a former DJ sexually assaulted her before a concert.

David Mueller denies groping the pop star's bottom as they posed for a photo backstage in Denver in 2013.

But he said he may have touched her ribs with a closed hand.

The former DJ is suing the pop star for at least £3 million dollars (£2.3 million) claiming the accusation cost him his "dream job".

Swift is counter-suing Mueller for a symbolic $1, claiming sexual assault.

In this courtroom sketch, pop singer Taylor Swift, front left, confers with her attorney as David Mueller. Credit: AP

Mueller told jurors at the civil trial the he and Swift were trying to reach around one another and "our hands touched and our arms touched".

Mueller's girlfriend was also there at the time.

Swift said she is "absolutely certain" she was sexually assaulted by the DJ as they posed for the photo.

Her lawyers said the lawsuit was not about bankrupting the DJ but to serve as an example to other sexual assault victims.

Douglas Baldbridge, representing Swift, said they want others to know "that you can always say no".

Taylor Swift fans queue for public access to the court room. Credit: AP

The singer's lawyers say the photo is "damning" proof that Mueller groped her.

But Mueller's lawyer Gabriel McFarland told the court: "If you look at that photograph, his hand is not underneath Miss Swift's skirt, and her skirt is not rumpled in any fashion."

Mr McFarland said no-one on Swift's concert team at the time saw anything amiss.

He added inappropriate touching is wrong, but falsely accusing someone of the offence is equally unacceptable.

Swift is expected to give evidence in the case, along with members of her entourage.