Racist hate crime surged after terror attacks, police figures show

Muslims join a vigil to the victims of the London Bridge terror attack. Credit: PA

Racist and anti-religious hate crimes dramatically peaked immediately after recent terror attacks in the UK, official figures have revealed.

Police chiefs said there was "real concern" over data showing increases of up to 50% in physical and verbal abuse of minorities in the days after the attacks in Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge.

Alleged race or faith hate offences accounted for the vast majority of rises, according to the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC).

Police said there was 'real concern' over the figures. Credit: PA

Data from forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland showed that were sharp rises in hate crimes within the two days after recent terror attacks on UK soil.

A total of 273 incidents were reported in the two days after the Manchester attacks - up by 50% on the same period a year earlier.

There were similar increases after Westminster and London Bridge, with police forces logging 234 and 319 hate crimes respectively.

However, there was no such rise after the terror attack in Finsbury park, in which a white man attacked a group of Muslims.

Anti-semitic attacks have also risen in the UK recently. Credit: PA

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton, the NPCC's lead for hate crime, said the figures were not surprising.