Father and son face £540,000 fine for allegedly pointing laser pens at planes in Malaga beach resort

A British father and son are facing a fine of more than half a million pounds for allegedly pointing laser beams at passenger plans in a Spanish holiday resort.

The pair, aged 41 and 15, "pointed indiscriminately" at planes as they landed at Malaga airport on Tuesday night, a police statement said.

They were spotted shining the laser pens from their balcony by an off duty policeman who was staying at the same hotel in Torremolinos.

Several pilots later complained of being dazzled with a green laser.

Spanish police said the father and his son, who have not been identified, could face fines of up to €600,000 (£540,000).

The father and son could face fines of more than half a million pounds. Credit: Spanish police
Spanish police released this photo of the laser pens. Credit: Spanish police