1. ITV Report

UK 'plans to continue visa-free travel from EU post-Brexit'

The rights for EU nationals and Britons abroad need to be agreed before Brexit. Credit: PA

The government plans to allow visa-free travel to continue after Brexit for visitors from the European Union, ITV News understands.

But if visitors from EU countries wanted to work, study or settle in the UK they would have to apply for permission under the proposals.

Currently, EU citizens are able to live and work in the UK without a permit.

The Home Office has not confirmed the proposals and says plans for the future immigration system after Brexit will be set out in due course.

It has also said the system will enable the UK "to control who works, studies and accesses public services".

The proposal has yet to be confirmed by the government. Credit: PA

One so-called Tory "hard Brexiteer" is pleased with the proposals, according to ITV News Political Correspondent Emily Morgan.

The government has previously published what it said was a"fair and serious" offer to guarantee the future rights of the 3.2 million EU citizens living in the UK and the 1.2 million British ex-pats in the EU.

But the proposal to grant EU nationals "settled status", effectively indefinite leave to remain, was immediately dismissed by European Council President Donald Tusk as "below our expectations".

The latest plans are due to be announced in Autumn.