Sierra Leone mudslides death toll rises to over 400 as hundreds remain missing

More than 400 people are now confirmed dead in huge mudslides and flooding in Sierra Leone, the UN has announced.

A total of 409 bodies have been recovered, while around 600 people are still missing and 3,000 have been left homeless after the disaster struck on Monday.

The death toll is expected to rise further as emergency workers and volunteers comb through the wreckage in and around the capital of Freetown.

Britain will send £5 million to help victims of the natural disaster, the International Development Secretary Priti Patel has said.

The fund will be used to ensure access to clean drinking water, medicines and sanitation facilities for some of the thousands of people left in desperate situations.

Volunteers dig graves for some some of the hundreds of victims. Credit: AP

Burials have already begun for some of the dead, with volunteers digging graves for mass funerals of the victims.

Searches are also continuing but further rain forecast in the area is hampering efforts.

Meanwhile, many of those left homeless are facing a struggle for food and shelter along with the risk of disease.

Concerns have been raised over a potential cholera outbreak due to the contaminated water in the streets.