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Drivers spend 'five days a year' in traffic jams

Traffic jams are costing the country £300 billion a year. Credit: PA

The average driver spends nearly £1,000 and wastes almost five days stuck in traffic a year, according to a new report.

The average speed on the country’s local roads has also dropped to just 25.2 mph, the study by the Local Government Association found.

The UK's clogged-up roads are putting a strain on the economy, the LGA warned, predicting congestion will cost the economy £300 billion a year by 2030 - a tenfold increase of the current costs of £30.8 billion a year.

With traffic forecasted to rise by up to 55 per cent by 2040, council leaders are calling on the government to outline a comprehensive congestion strategy to tackle the issue.

Congestion also significantly contributes to excess harmful vehicle emissions - which leads to 40,000 premature deaths annually.

The LGA said councils need the same sort of long term funding given to Highways England and Network Rail in order to tackle the £12 billion roads repair backlog and congestion they face on local roads.

Cllr Judith Blake, LGA Transport spokesperson, said: “When the average motorist is spending a working week every year sat in traffic on major roads, and losing almost a £1,000 in the process, it’s clear that councils need to be able to do more to tackle this growing problem."

“Councils are working hard to combat traffic and congestion. But they need long-term consistent funding to invest in local roads and need greater powers to solve the problem and introduce attractive alternatives to car journeys, such as through public transport, walking and cycling."