Bonnie Tyler celebrates as Total Eclipse of the Heart hits No 1 spot in download charts

Bonnie Tyler has celebrated beating Justin Bieber into second place as she hits the top of the US iTunes download charts in the wake of the total solar eclipse.

The Welsh star belted out her classic hit Total Eclipse of the Heart for cruise ship passengers as the moon blocked out the sun's rays on Monday.

The coverage has helped the 66-year-old power ballad veteran rise once again to the top of the charts, 34 years after the single was first released in 1983.

Speaking to ITV News Presenter Julie Etchingham from the ship, Bonnie said she was delighted to be back at the top.

Bonnie had earlier revealed that she was forced to cut the six-minute song in half - because it was longer than the two-minute long totality.

She said the crowd went "nuts" for her rendition.

"I suppose it's an obvious song to play on the total eclipse of the sun but it still amazes me," she said of the reaction.

The star said she's keeping her diary clear for the next major eclipse in case she is asked to repeat her feat.

And she added she's sorry to anyone who had her hit stuck in their head after it became the song of the eclipse.

She said: "I bet you're climbing the walls listening to it all the time!"