Baby pulled alive from rubble after deadly earthquake on Italian resort island of Ischia

A seven-month-old baby who was trapped under a house following a deadly earthquake on the Italian island of Ischia has been pulled alive from the rubble.

The boy, named Pasquale, was rescued in Casamicciola some seven hours after the quake, which struck on Monday evening just before 9pm local time (8pm BST).

His two elder brothers, Mattias and Ciro, were freed several hours later.

Their father also had to be rescued, while the mother escaped through a window.

Matthias was put on a stretcher after his ordeal. Credit: AP

At least two people have died in the quake and another 39 injured.

One of the fatalities was an elderly woman who was inside a collapsed church.

The body of the second victim, who has yet to be extracted from the rubble, also appeared to be a woman, an official said.

  • Aerial footage shows devastation in Casamicciola

The quake rattled the island at the peak of tourist season, cutting electricity and sending panicked residents and tourists into the streets.

Casamicciola was the epicentre of an 1883 earthquake that killed more than 2,000 people.

Casamicciola in the north of the Italian island of Ischia bore the brunt of the quake. Credit: AP
The 4.3 magnitude quake caused huge damage on Monday night. Credit: AP
Fire crews worked through the night. Credit: AP