Milk debate turns sour as toddler takes over ITV News studio during live interview

Iris climbs on the desk. Credit: ITV News
  • Watch the toddler takeover in full above

Debates are often lively on ITV News, but when two siblings joined Alastair Stewart at lunchtime for a piece on milk allergies, it all turned a bit sour.

George Wronka appeared on television with his mother Lucy to tell the nation about his cows' milk allergy, after it was announced new guidelines led by experts at Evelina London Children’s Hospital are being issued to stop doctors missing the allergy in infants.

However, it was George's sister Iris who stole the show when she decided to climb on the studio desk and go for a wander.

It's not the first time that toddlers have run riot in the studio, with Sol Smith-Ryan unable to sit still when he appeared on the news with his parents to discuss the bionic arm his father built for him using an Xbox and a 3D printer.

While last year, This Morning hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes did well to keep straight faces after a toddler wet herself live on air.

The incident happened as parents Adele and Matt Allen discussed their "off-grid" approach to parenting with the hosts.

During the interview, their one-year-old daughter Ostara wandered off around the studio before wetting herself on the studio floor.

Viewers took to social media to express their amusement after the unlikely takeover.