Brazil buries 100th police officer killed in Rio de Janeiro in 2017

Police in Brazil have buried the 100th officer to be killed in the state of Rio de Janeiro this year alone.

The grim milestone comes as authorities in Brazil continue to deploy armed forces across the capital amid a surge in violence.

Around 200 mourners attended the burial of Sgt Fabio Cavalcante on Sunday afternoon.

The 39-year-old, who was married with an eight-year-old daughter, was killed on Saturday in Baixada Fluminense - one of Rio's most violent districts.

Mourners attend Sgt Fabio Cavalcante's funeral. Credit: AP

Sgt Cavalcante was attacked when armed men approached him. Authorities reported that the officer was shot at least 10 times.

Rio is by far the most dangerous place for police to work in Brazil.

The increase in violence has not been restricted to the streets of Brazil, however.

In recent months, the south American nation has been plagued by violent and often gruesome prison riots.

Beheadings have frequently featured during the uprisings by inmates, sometimes lasting for hours at a time.

Earlier this month, a British mother-of-three was treated in hospital after she was shot in a favela near to Rio when a language mix-up saw them take a wrong turn in search for water.

Rio is one of the most dangerous places for police officers in Brazil. Credit: AP