Mercedes ends up in sea after being parked on beach

Finding a parking space near the beach during a hot Bank Holiday weekend can be tricky, but one driver was left to rue where they put their car.

The driver of a silver Mercedes C-Class coupe placed it on the sands at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, over the weekend, not realising that the tide would quickly come in.

It is known to many that the Bristol Channel has one of the highest tidal ranges and the vehicle quickly became a victim of the sea.

The parking of the card confused a jet ski user. Credit: SWNS

A jet ski rider came close to hitting the car, show the depth it had been covered, as only the roof was visible by the end.

The owner also forgot to close the sunroof and left the keys in the ignition, according to a witness, to further exacerbate the situation.

It is believed the car was parked in area clearly signposted to say it is unsuitable for driving.

The car ended up being completely submerged. Credit: SWNS

Eyewitness Adrian Collins said: "I'd gone for a mountain bike ride, and that's when I spotted the top of the roof and thought 'what's that?'

"You could only see about an inch.

"It was drawing a lot of crowds."