'I would have loved to have saved Diana', says off-duty doctor who was first on the scene

An off-duty doctor first on the scene of the car crash that killed Princess Diana told ITV News he thought she would survive.

Dr Fréderic Mailliez said he did not recognise the princess when he got out his car to help within 30 seconds of the crash happening.

"When you're the first doctor there you have to do the job, you don't have any time to think about who the patient might be.

"I didn't recognise her, I know it's surprising, but I didn't have any time to think about who she was."

Despite having no medical equipment on him apart from a respirator, Dr Mailliez tried to save her life unaware of the internal injuries Diana had suffered.

"When I opened the door of the car I discovered this young lady.

"She was alive, but she was unconscious and she had difficulty to breathe, so I tried to help her. That made her in a better condition before the ambulance came."

When he left the scene, he said he thought "maybe she can make it".

But despite regaining consciousness, the princess died two hours later in hospital from internal bleeding.

It wasn't until the next day that Dr Mailliez heard the news.

"When I learned the next morning that the young lady I had been treating was Princess Diana and that she died two hours later it was a big shock.

"I would have loved to have saved her. I did the best I could without any equipment. I tried my best to help her to survive."

Asked about the paparazzi largely blamed for causing the crash, the doctor said there were a lot of pictures being taken as he tried to help the princess.

But he said no one stopped him from doing his job or behaved inappropriately.

"When I was inside the Mercedes in the seat, with Princess Diana's head in my hands trying to help her to breathe, I realised that a lot of pictures were being taken.

"There was a lot of flash. There were a lot of people around the car but they at no time did they hamper me doing my job.

"But they didn't block my way or ask me to turn her head so they could have a better picture so I cannot report anything of their behaviour."