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Man watched in horror as family drowned in front of him as they tried to flee Texas floods

A man has told ITV News of his devastation at losing six of his family members in the Texas floods.

Manuel and Belia Saldivar, who were both aged in their 80s and has Alzeheimer's, died alongside their four great-grandchildren, when their van was swept away.

Only the elderly couple's son Sammy, 56, who was driving, was able to escape by wriggling through a window and clinging to a branch for his life.

He tried desperately to rescue his family members - but the strength of the moving waters meant he could only watch as the van sank.

Devy, 16; Donnie 14; Xavier, 8; and Daisy, 6, all drowned in the back of van. Credit: ITV News

Sammy's brother Ric told ITV News the family were on the way to his house to take shelter when the tragedy happened.

"He (Sammy) said the van was bobbing in the water like a cork

"There's no way the kids could even reach the back of the doors, much less try to open them - they were just kids. And he just saw the van go under water.

"After that he said he just started screaming and yelling for help."

Manuel and Belia, both aged in their 80s, died in the flood waters. Credit: ITV News

Ric, 53, said his brother was full of guilt at not being able to do more.

Devy, 16, Donnie 14, Xavier, eight, and Daisy, six, all drowned in the back of van.

The family's losses are among the heaviest of the storm, which has claimed a total of at least 41 lives.