2018 Guinness World Records holders revealed: Eyelashes, nails, cat tails and a slam-dunking bunny

The latest Guinness World Records holders have been revealed and unsurprisingly include a range of extraordinary achievements.

From extremely long eyelashes, nails, cat tails and legs to the largest collection of teddy bears, here's a look at some of the people, animals or other things that have made it into the 2018 book.

  • Longest finger nails

Terrifying talons: Ayanna Williams shows off her long nails. Credit: GWR

Nail artist Ayanna Williams' talons stretch to a total of 576.4cm (18ft 10.9in).

The 60-year-old, from Houston, Texas, insists she can perform most everyday tasks with little difficulty, apart for pulling up her trousers. She also avoids washing up.

To keep her talons in top tip shape, Ayanna uses a nail brush and anti-bacterial soap daily, and regularly applies nail hardener and a layer of acrylic which can take up to a week to paint.

  • Longest eyelash

You Jianxia's eyelashes are definitely not in need of mascara. Credit: GWR

You Jianxia's longest eyelash runs past her cheek at 12.4cm (4.88in).

Ms You, from Jiangsu, China, first noticed the lashes on her left eyelid growing during an 18-month nature retreat in 2013.

She puts the length down to her life at one with nature.

  • Tallest High Top Fade

Benny Harlem has gone to hair-raising lengths Credit: GWR

The tallest high top fade is 52.0 cm (20.5 in) tall and belongs to Benny Harlem from the United States.

  • First Prosthetic Tattoo Arm

JC Sheitan Tenet uses the first prosthetic tattoo gun. Credit: GWR

The first prosthetic tattoo gun arm was made by JL Gonzal in France in 2016.

Tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet has been using it to create some very impressive and intricate ink work.

  • Most marmite, mashed potato and mustard eating

Andre Ortolf certainly loves marmite, mash and mustard Credit: GWR

Andre Ortolf holds the record for the most marmite eaten in one minute, most mustard in a tube drunk in 30 seconds, and most mashed potato eaten in one minute.

This man really likes chasing records and holds another one for the most tennis balls bounced and caught blindfolded in one minute.

A blindfolded Andre Ortolf demonstrates bouncing tennis balls and catching them. Credit: GWR
  • The tallest cat

The world's tallest Cat with its owners William and Lauren Powers. Credit: GWR

Arcturus Aldebaran is the world's tallest living domestic cat, measuring 48.4cm (19.05in).

He is part of a record-breaking family as his brother Cygnus also holds the record for the longest tail.

  • Tallest model also has the longest legs

Ekaterina Lisina's legs are the longest in the world. Credit: GWR/PA

Ekaterina Lisina is the world's tallest model at 6 feet 9 ins and also officially has the longest legs in the world with size 15 feet.

  • The shortest married couple

The happy couple have a combined height of just over 70 inches. Credit: GWR

The shortest married couple are Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Katyucia Lie Hoshino from the Brazil.

They have a combined height of 181.41 cm (71.42 in).

  • First implanted antenna

Neil Harbisson has no problems tuning in with his antenna. Credit: GWR

The first implanted antenna was implanted into the back of Neil Harbisson's skull, in 2004.

  • Largest Crazy Coupe

Geof Bitmead and his granddaughter Lili with the largest crazy coupe. Credit: GWR/PA

John and Geof Bitmead, from Ambrosden, Oxfordshire, are the proud owners of the world's largest "cosy coupe" children's car.

The roadworthy 2.7-metre (8ft 10.2in) vehicle has been dubbed the Toytown Coupe.

  • Largest collection of teddy bears

Jackie Miley is almost hidden among her collection of teddy bears. Credit: GWR

Jackie Miley owns the world's largest collection of teddy bears with 8,026 of the stuffed toys as of 31 December 2012.

  • Most Slam Dunks by a Rabbit

Bini shows off her slam dunking skills. Credit: GWR

Bini the Bunny who has the record for the most slam dunks by a rabbit.

Other achievement include removing the most Jenga blocks by whip in 30 seconds, the largest ball of stickers, and the most eggs broken with a whip in 30 seconds.