'I saw a fireball': Witnesses recount Parsons Green terror blast

People caught up in the terrorist incident at Parsons Green station in London have described scenes of panic after the "huge fireball" hit a commuter tube train.

Witnesses said they saw people stampeding to get out and heard screams after the apparent improvised device detonated on a District Line train in south-west London at around 8.20 this morning.

Police are still hunting the person who planted the device, which left at least 22 people injured.

Most of those who were treated in hospital are thought to have suffered "flash burns" but none are thought to be seriously hurt.

This is what some of those in the area told ITV News about the blast and its aftermath:

  • 'People were really panicking'

Lauren Wear told ITV News: "There was a lot of panic and I looked to my left and there was a wall of flames coming towards the section of the carriage I was in. The doors opened instantly so we were all able to get off very quickly.

"There were people really panicking and in distress."

  • 'One lady's stockings had melted into her skin'

Chris Wildish said there had been a lot of children on the train carriage. Credit: ITV News

Chris Wildish told ITV News he saw an "almighty flash" that shot up towards the roof of the carriage and left numerous people with facial burns.

"There were a lot of people who had burns around their face and upper parts of their body," he said.

"I saw one lady whose stockings seemed to have melted into her skin."

Others were also injured in the "stampede" to get out of the train and away from the explosive device, he said.

  • 'Like a crescendo of noise'

Credit: ITV News

Luke Walmsley said "screams just got louder and louder. It was like a crescendo of noise all the way down the platform.

"It was chaos. It was every man for himself to get down the stairs. "

  • 'I saw a big fireball'

Credit: ITV News

"I suddenly heard a big bang, on my left hand side, so I turned my head and I saw a big fireball surge to my side", Shuchen Warner said.

"I realised why people were screaming and crying. I got up immediately to go to the door.

"People were pushing and falling over, and I fell over as well, and people were on top of me."

  • 'This bag exploded'

Credit: ITV News

Lottie Plaschke told ITV News the train was pulling into Parsons Green station when suddenly "this bag sat by one of the doors exploded, and it was on fire".

"There was a bit of smoke but it looked quite contained," she added.

  • 'They were falling over each other'

Credit: ITV News

"As I approached the station everybody was piling out.

"People weren't even running, they were falling over each other and just fleeing."