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Uber sorry for 'Wife Appreciation Day' promotion

Credit: PA

Uber has apologised for a "totally inappropriate" promotional message it sent out urging men to "let" their wives "take a day off from the kitchen" and order food through their Uber Eats service instead.

The message, which stated that Sunday was "Wife Appreciation Day" offered users of the food delivery service in Bangalore 100 Rupees (£1.16) off on orders of more than 400 Rupees (£4.62) with a promotional code they sent out.

Recipients of the message took to social media to hit out at what one user branded "regressive gender stereotypes in India", while another sarcastically thanked Uber for "defining gender roles in India. Of course women are meant to slog it out in the kitchen & the men need to BUY us freedom".

Another simply tweeted "Ewwwwww!" in disgust.

The outcry on social media soon gained the attention of Bozoma Saint John, Uber's Chief Brand Officer, who called the promotion "completely unacceptable" and vowed to "take care of this".

Just hours after the message was first sent out, Uber tweeted an apology for the "totally inappropriate" promotion and said that it had been removed.

The latest scandal to hit the ride hailing app comes just one month after the company was accused of allowing a driver who sexually assaulted a passenger to strike again - by not reporting the incident in London.

In June, Uber's chief executive Travis Kalanick resigned following a series of scandals which led to questions over his leadership.

The taxi firm, founded in 2009, has in recent months been plagued by issues surrounding its working culture - including purported sexual harassment, trade secrets theft anddishonesty.

While the company's president, Jeff Jones, resigned in March after just six months at the helm.