Ryanair could be forced to cancel more flights

Ryanair are hoping to prevent further flight cancellations by taking back one week of its pilots' holiday, but they can't guarantee there won't be more disruption.

Chief executive Michael O'Leary will tell pilots who plan to take four weeks of consecutive holiday in the coming months will be told to reduce it to three weeks, with the lost leave to be taken in January.

During the AGM in Dublin, Mr O'Leary told Ryanair shareholders the airline does not need the agreement of the pilots in order to take back a week of leave.

Mr O'Leary explained the current cost of the six weeks of cancellations is £22million.

Mr O'Leary again apologised for the disruption, which he said was down to mismanagement of the pilots' rostering system.

He refused to discuss media reports that many pilots had turned down offers of a £10,600 bonus and instead demanded improved contracts.

The chief executive denied that pilots have threatened to take industrial action.

When asked about reports that pilots are threatening industrial action Mr O'Leary responded: "If you want and need to ask your staff to give up holidays no work to rule can alter that."

He added:"I don't even know how there would be industrial action in Ryanair. There isn't a union."