Time is ticking on Brexit...so what does one of Britain's most pro-Leave towns think of Theresa May's plan?

. Credit: ITV News

It's one of the most pro-Brexit places in Britain.

Mansfield voted with 70.9 per cent to leave the EU in last year's referendum - backing that up with electing a pro-Brexit Tory MP, for the first time ever, in the General Election earlier this year.

ITV News correspondent Ben Chapman visited the Nottinghamshire town to see how people there are feeling, as Theresa May gave a speech in Florence setting out plans for a two-year transition period.

It's a proposal which has been slammed by Leave campaigner Nigel Farage, who argued that "nobody had voted" for a transition, accusing the Prime Minister of "betraying" the millions who had voted to leave by 2019.

In Mansfield, many voters voiced frustration at the lengthy process - with some saying they doubted Brexit would happen at all.

But some welcomed a more measured approach.

Among them are the bosses of Hall-Fast Industrial Supplies, which exports to 92 countries - including those in the EU.