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Commuter faints onto tracks as train approaches platform

A commuter had an incredibly lucky escape in Sydney after he fainted onto the tracks as a train approached a platform.

After the man fell at Wynyard Station, six other men jumped down onto the tracks to help him.

Luckily a quick-thinking member of staff ran to the edge of the platform and made the emergency stop signal to the oncoming driver, while other staff members radioed the train.

Thankfully the train was able to stop just short of the platform earlier in September.

Sydney Trains said if it was not for the customer service officer who made the stop signal, then not only the man who fell onto the tracks, but the six others who jumped down to help him would have found themselves in "serious trouble".

The man who fainted suffered cuts and bruises but was otherwise unhurt.

Australia's transport department said that last year trains were delayed 400 times by ill passengers and urged anyone who felt unwell not to travel.