1. ITV Report

Temperatures expected to top 22C tomorrow

The fine, dry spell will give way to windy, wet weather from the west later tomorrow. For some of us a soggy journey home from work with with solid, steady rain moving in.

A notably mild night ahead as temperatures are unlikely to slip below 15-16C in some urban spots. Some mist and fog patches developing in places - less extensive than last night with a little more of a breeze in the west.

Into tomorrow, cheering up after a grey gloomy start in places before the rain moves in from the west. The rain will be steady and heavy through Northern Ireland, Wales and the West Country by the mid to late afternoon. Elsewhere clouding over later but with the sunshine feeling warm for the time of years and highs of 20-22C. Temperatures will be above average for the time of year.

ITV weather presenter Lucy Verasamy with the latest forecast