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Seamstresses save wedding after bride's dress doesn't arrive

Nathalie, far left, with Rhiannon, second left, and bridesmaids. Credit: Lizzie Adams

When a bride was left without her wedding dress half an hour before the most important moment of her life, a bridal shop came to her rescue.

Nathalie Lout's dressmaker had failed to deliver her outfit to for her special day, and - despite numerous attempts - no contact could be made with the shop.

A number of dresses were brought in a hurry. Credit: Lizzie Adams

Michael, the groom, went to the dressmaker's premises but got no response and a number of voicemails went unanswered as Nathalie attempted to get hold of her gown, having had a final fitting just ten days before the ceremony.

When photographer Lizzie Adams arrived to do her duties for the day, she was in for a shock when she found Nathalie in a plain white slip from her wardrobe. Lizzie, who blogged about the experience, immediately called Courtyard Bridal, Kettering, who rushed to help with a sewing machine and numerous gowns.

Rhiannon and Anne arrived to save the day. Credit: Lizzie Adams

After arriving at Rushton Hall, Anne and Rhiannon from the bridal shop worked tirelessly to get Nathalie down the aisle where husband-to-be Michael was waiting for her.

There was no time to spare, as the two women arrived at 11am, with the wedding scheduled to start just half an hour later.

Nathalie chose a suitable dress, a Pronovias, called 'Niagara', and the seamstresses got to work to ensure the silk outfit was up to the bride's expectations for the day with time against them.

Rhiannon alters the dress. Credit: Lizzie Adams

Even though Nathalie started the day without a dress, she was only half an hour late for the big day, as it got underway at noon.

Lizzie said Nathalie "looked nothing short of amazing" in her dress. The bride then invited the seamstresses and photographer to enjoy the three-course wedding breakfast. The heroic Rhiannon stayed for the wedding, becoming integral to the photos and all involved were thanked for their diligent work in the groom's speech.

Nathalie made it down the aisle in the end. Credit: Lizzie Adams

Nathalie told MailOnline: "We owe so much to Lizzie Adams and Courtyard Bridal for coming to the rescue. We would not have thought it was possible to get a wedding dress at such short notice and would have had no idea of who to call."

The original wedding dress arrived two hours after the ceremony. Needless to say, Nathalie refused to wear it.

The bride and groom were allowed to enjoy the day in the end. Credit: Lizzie Adams