Former England captain Michael Vaughan has said he has "no sympathy for Ben Stokes whatsoever" in the wake of his arrest

Michael Vaughan has been vocal about a change in England's cricket culture. Credit: PA

Former captain Michael Vaughan says the culture of the England cricket team has to change in the wake of Ben Stokes' arrest following a night out in Bristol.

The all-rounder was arrested on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm after getting into a fight in the early hours of last Monday, with video footage allegedly showing Stokes throwing punches and knocking a man to the floor.

"Yes, he's 26 years of age, he should be more mature, he has made a massive mistake and I have no sympathy for Ben Stokes whatsoever," Vaughan told BBC 5Live.

Stokes - who has not been charged - and other team-mates, including Alex Hales, were out celebrating a one-day international win over West Indies less than 72 hours before their next game.

And Vaughan says the team management need to address how their players behave.

"But the management of the England team have to look at themselves in the mirror and say, 'Hang on a minute, could we have done a bit more, could we have been a bit stricter?'.

"I am not saying I want a headmaster and have a curfew and say ,'You have got to be in your room by 11pm and you can never drink', but there is a time and a place and I just think now, with what has gone on this week, the culture of cricket has to change quickly."

Ben Stokes has been compared to Andrew Flintoff in recent weeks. Credit: PA

Stokes has been involved in drink-related stories before, having been sent home from a 2013 Lions tour because of it, while it has been reported he was out partying during a Test match at Old Trafford this summer.

Vaughan says the hierarchy should have been aware.

"A story came out this week that Ben Stokes was out until 3am during a Test match in Manchester," Vaughan added.

"I knew that at the time, it was the talk of the media centre. The story was ripped out of the newspapers, it wasn't allowed to go in, they fought tooth and nail to make sure that story didn't reach the papers - bad PR, looks terrible on Ben Stokes.

"If I knew it and the media knew it how come anything wasn't done to Ben Stokes in the England team.

"When we go on tour, we go to Australia, to India, to Bangladesh, there is a huge amount of security, there is no way in a million years an England player is allowed out, they're allowed to go and party, but there is no way they are allowed out on their own at that time of night."