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Ryanair pilot tells ITV News flight cancellations could continue in 2018

A current Ryanair pilot has told ITV News that flight cancellations could continue next year.

The pilot, who spoke on condition of anonymity, also said that a number of people working for the airline are "outraged" and "furious" with its chief executive Michael O'Leary.

It follows comments from O'Leary, who apologised for badly mismanaging pilots' leave rota but in separate briefings seemed to call into question how hard the job is.

"A lot of people were outraged and furious," the pilot told ITV News in the first TV interview given by a serving pilot.

The pilot spoke to ITV News anonymously. Credit: ITV News

Ryanair sent an apology to all their pilots following the rota problems, which saw the company cancel 20,000 flights, causing disruption for 700,000 passengers.

Mr O'Leary offered a loyalty bonus of £10,786 to pilots and pay increases, but didn't guarantee they will be granted to pilots at all Ryanair bases.

"It was quite a landmark memo, we feel like he's brought it out because of this crisis," the pilot said. "He's realised actually that he's upset a lot of his pilots.

"I can see if they don't make a serious change, then yes, I can see cancellations carrying on next year."

The pilot also explained that due to Ryanair's low cost nature, that if he wants a bottle of water while on board a flight, that he has to pay for it.

Michael O'Leary sent a memo to all pilots at Ryanair. Credit: PA