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Sturgeon vows to help EU citizens stay in Scotland after Brexit

Sturgeon: "EU citizens have made their lives here and are part of our community.” Photo: PA

The Scottish National Party will use its annual conference this week to detail plans that allow European Union citizens to remain in Scotland after Brexit.

Speaking ahead of the Glasgow event, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she wants to explore "all options" to secure the rights of EU citizens who “make an enormous contribution” to Scotland.

The SNP’s plan could include paying any costs that arise due to Brexit for the 20,000 EU nationals who currently work in Scotland’s public sector should they choose to stay.

"EU citizens have made their lives here and are part of our community,” she said. “They contribute to our economy, work in our universities, teach in our schools and work in our health service, just as those who were born in Scotland do.

"After 18 months, many still do not have the answers they seek.

"As a result, some are choosing to leave and others who would have been attracted to the UK and Scotland no longer wish to come here. That is a disgrace.

"The UK Government must guarantee their rights and make the process for staying here as simple and easy as possible."