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British actress Lysette Anthony accuses Harvey Weinstein of rape

Lysette Anthony alleges that she was raped by Harvey Weinstein. Credit: PA

British actress Lysette Anthony has claimed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein raped her in the late Eighties at her London home.

Weinstein, faces multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault, including several of rape, all of which he has strenuously denied.

In an interview with the Sunday Times (£), Anthony said she met the producer when she starred in 1982 sci-fi film Krull and the alleged assault took place a few years later.

The Hollyoaks actress described it as a "pathetic, revolting" attack that had left her "disgusted and embarrassed".

"I was disgusted and embarassed, but I was at home. I thought I should just forget the whole disgusting incident.

Anthony added: "I blamed myself. I'd been an idiot to think he and I were just friends."

On Wednesday, the Hollyoaks actress tweeted that she had just reported a historical crime, adding "feel sick... so sad".

Harvey Weinstein has vehemently denied allegations of rape. Credit: PA

Earlier this week, Scotland Yard said it has been passed an allegation of sexual assault by Merseyside Police.

"The allegation will be assessed by officers from Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command," the force said.

Merseyside Police said it received a report on Wednesday morning alleging a sexual assault had taken place in the London area in the 1980s.

Anthony's revelation follows dozens of accusations of sexual harassment made by actresses against Weinstein, including Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Angeline Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow accused Weinstein of sexual harassment early in their careers. Credit: PA

There has also been several allegations of rape made in the US.

Police in New York are investigating a claim from 2004 among allegations that were published in an article in The New Yorker magazine.

The movie mogul has apologised for elements of his past behaviour but has "unequivocally denied" any claims of non-consensual sex.

Weinstein has been expelled from the Oscars organising committee over sexual assault claims Credit: AP

On Saturday, the disgraced producer was expelled from the Oscars Academy after its governors "voted well in excess of the required two-thirds majority to immediately expel him".

In a statement, the academy said: "The era of willful ignorance and shameful complicity on sexually predatory behaviour and workplace harassment in our industry is over".

The board features some of the film industry's most powerful figures, including Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Whoopi Goldberg.

Following various allegations which first emerged on 5 October, the 65-year-old film producer was fired by his own company.

Weinstein's wife Georgina Chapman also left him, saying the widespread allegations of sexual harassment were "unforgivable".