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Last Concorde goes on display to public

  • Video report by ITV News Wales and West of England Correspondent Rupert Evelyn

The last Concorde ever made and the last to fly has taken pride of place at a new museum in Bristol.

Concorde Alpha Foxtrot has gone on display in Filton where all 10 of the UK-built supersonic jets were assembled.

Filton, on the outskirts of Bristol, is where Concorde's first British test flight was launched from in 1969, lasting 25 minutes.

"To bring it back to Filton is very important because this is where it was born," Les Brodie, the last pilot to fly Concorde in 2003 explained.

"This is where it was thought about, designed and eventually manufactured."

Les Brodie was the last pilot to fly a Concorde. Credit: ITV News

Capable of crossing the Atlantic in under three hours, Concorde flew at over twice the speed of sound, or 1,320mph, reaching altitudes of 60,000ft on the edge of space.

The new £19 million Aerospace Bristol museum tells the story of the city's aviation heritage on the sites where the jet was first built, and visitors can step aboard the aircraft.

"Everyone's so proud," Christene Tanner, a former Concorde cabin crew member said.

"It's British, it's from Bristol and it's back where it should be and it's just lovely to see it."

Christene Tanner worked as a member of Concorde's cabin crew. Credit: ITV News