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How would no-deal Brexit affect trade between the UK and Europe?

What would a no-deal Brexit mean for the import and export of goods such as cars?

Brexit Secretary David Davis said on Tuesday that Britain needs to be prepared for the no-deal scenario, a thought Home Secretary Amber Rudd labelled "unthinkable".

Currently the movement of goods between the UK and Belgium is no more difficult than between Southampton and the Isle of Wight, but the prospect of customs checks, import duties and paperwork on every car in and out has those on the continent worried.

More than 1 million cars pass between Zeebrugge port and the UK Credit: ITV News

Zeebrugge is Belgium's and the world's largest car handling port, with nearly a third of the 2.8 million vehicles it handles each year are due to trade with Britain.

The port's CEO, Joachim Coens, fears making trade harder means a lot less trade between the Britain and the Europe.

"If the products are more expensive because of import duties, because of different regulations, and of course because of the pound/euro, that would lead to drastically diminishing of the trades," he said.

Zeebrugge Port CEO Joachim Coens is worried about a no-deal Brexit. Credit: ITV News

A no-deal scenario has him spooked.

"It would be a mess," Mr Coens said.

The other issue in such a scenario is the new customs infracstructure needed - new facilities and thousands more staff - which the UK Government says it will pay for.

But will everyone else?

If the same is not done in Belgian, French or Dutch ports the sort of friction-less trade enjoyed now would be impossible, and there would be danger of massive backlogs at British ports.