ITV News survey: Most Tory chairmen and women in marginal seats back Theresa May

Conservative activists are surprisingly supportive of the Prime Minister, despite the result of the General Election.

We asked the Tory chairmen and women in the 162 most marginal constituencies, where you might expect a greater clamour for change, what they thought of Mrs May.

56 of them replied to the question 'Should Theresa May lead the party into the next General Election?' The answers came back:

  • Yes 36
  • No 11
  • No comment 8

That's rather more support than many of us in Westminster feel she has amongst her MPs. Mrs May has been popular with Tory activists since her days as party chair and seems to have retained that affection despite the election result.

Even amongst those who think she should not contest the next election, very few constituency chairs - we could only find two - thought Mrs May should quit before the Brexit process was finished. Indeed most seemed to think she was making a decent job of it.

Asked if they were confident in Theresa May's handling of Brexit the answers were:

  • Yes 44
  • No 6
  • No comment 5

So even those who think she should go before the next election think she should finish Brexit first.

Boris Johnson is a more divisive subject. Asked what Mrs May should do with him, the replies we received were:

  • Keep 31
  • Reshuffle 11
  • Sack 3
  • No Comment 10

But that is still a decent majority who want to keep the foreign secretary. Conservative activists we've spoken to still think Mr Johnson is an asset to the party, and also that he would be a more destabilising force outside Government than in.