Nursery where children only play with toys they make themselves named Britain's best

An outdoor nursery where children are only allowed to play with toys they have made themselves has been named Britain's Best Nursery.

No matter the weather, children play and learn outdoors at the Dandelion Education nursery, where, under adult supervision, they use tools to create their own toys.

Flynn, aged four, plays with a drill. Credit: SWNS

The nursery was set up by former primary school teachers Hayley Room and Emma Harwood, who developed their own ethos combining nature and reasoning skills.

Ms Room, 44, said: “Toys are so closed and give no space for imagination.

"If a child wants a car, they make it. This helps them think creatively and improves problem solving.

Ellen, aged three, plays building a wall. Credit: SWNS

"We give them the tools and resources to make what they want to play with as this encourages them to think creatively and more critically and it improves their problem-solving skills."

The nursery, which is based in Norfolk, caters for children aged two to eight and has been rated Outstanding by Ofsted.

Jess, aged seven, with a bow he made. Credit: SWNS