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Police appeal for help as mystery surrounds identity of child's body found on Texas beach

Police released a sketch of the boy drawn by a forensic artist Credit: Galveston Police Department

The body of a child has been found on a beach in Texas with no clues as to his identity, US police say.

Authorities on the island city of Galveston have been unable to identify the boy, whose body was found last week, saying he does not match the description of any child on missing persons databases.

They are appealing for help and have released a sketch of the boy drawn by a forensic artist.

In a statement, the police said: "This is an extremely unusual case for Galveston Island, and the circumstances surrounding this death grow more and more suspicious as time goes on."

A post-mortem examination has yet to be completed, but police are currently treating the boy's death as a murder.

The boy, though to be aged between two and five, is described as approximately 3' tall with a slender build, black hair and brown eyes.

The body was reportedly found on Friday evening near Seawall Boulevard on Galveston Island.

Police were alerted by a 911 call, but said that no one had come forward to report a missing child and that neither local nor federal agencies had been able to identify the boy.