Small independents in battle with national chains for slice of UK's £9bn billion coffee shop market

Coffee shops Credit: ITV News

Small independent stores are in a high street battle with national chains for a chunk of Britain's £9 billion coffee shop market.

It is predicted the UK's coffee shop market being worth £15 billion by 2020 with over 30,000 premises - a projected rise of some 10,000 outlets in just three years.

But research suggests it is the bigger players that are winning the battle of the brews, with 29% of food and beverage outlets now national chains.

It is a concern for small business owners.

"You want to see independent businesses, and I think the government are just not doing enough to keep that fragile mix of independent and chains," cafe owner Kate Ryder told ITV News.

While national chains bring consistent standards and local employment, small business campaigners say they keep earnings localised.

"Every penny that comes into them, every £5 that comes into them, £4 is recycled because they use local suppliers," Susan Wilkinson from the Federation of Small Businesses said.

Despite household finances being tight, coffee shops have grabbed a niche in Britons' busy lives as a popular place to catch up.

"You appreciate the socialising aspect," coffee drinker Terry Roberts said.

"Providing companies keep their prices reasonable, quality up and in particular review service, I'll go there."