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Lecturers hit out over MP's Brexit letter to universities

Lecturers have hit out after a Tory MP wrote to universities asking for names of professors teaching about Brexit and requesting links to their courses.

The letter from Chris Heaton-Harris, a Conservative whip and Leave campaigner, also asked for "a copy of the syllabus".

Many lecturers jokingly invited Mr Heaton-Harris to join their class - provided he paid the tuition fee like all the other students.

Chris Heaton-Harris was mocked by lecturers after sending the Brexit letter to universities. Credit: PA

Dr Ben Whitham, a lecturer in international relations at De Montfort University, tweeted: "Of course you can access my recorded lectures @chhcalling.

"Just enrol and pay the £9,000 per year your party deems fair, like everyone else."

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Alan MacLeod, who lecturers in modern British History at the University of Leeds, added: "If Chris Heaton-Harris wants to know what I teach about #Brexit he'll need to cough up £9250."

Others poked fun at the MP's request.

James Chalmers, Regius professor of law at the University of Glasgow, suggested that "a petition to make @chhcalling attend all these lectures once he has the list," before adding, "he's not actually going to get a list".

Theresa May said the letter had not come from Government. Credit: AP

Downing Street has distanced itself from the letter - sent to vice chancellors across the country.

Prime Minister Theresa may's spokesman said Mr Heaton-Harris had not been acting as a Government representative when he sent it.

The Tory whip is facing calls to explain why he sent the letter.

Hours after the story broke, he tweeted: "To be absolutely clear, I believe in free speech in our universities and in having an open and vigorous debate on Brexit."

And the jokes from lecturers kept on coming with many calling for transparency on Brexit, by way of an exchange for his lecture notes.

Prof Michael Smith from Aberdeen University said: "I'll send Theresa May my lectures if she releases all of the Brexit impact studies her government is sitting on. Transparency, eh?"