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Writer paid £46 for a flight to Crete and had the whole plane to herself

Karon Grieve boarded to find she was the only passenger on the flight. Credit: Karon Grieve

A Scottish writer who paid just £46 for a flight from Glasgow to Crete, boarded to find she was the only passenger.

Karon Grieve was treated to VIP treatment including a flying commentary by the pilot, who addressed her by name and pointed out which countries they were flying over.

Ms Grieve who took a selfie of the empty seats surrounding her on the Jet2 flight as she was treated to free drinks and food and able to pick a seat wherever she wished.

Karon told ITV News: "I got a free meal and free drinks and lots of lovely company because all the staff kept coming round and chatting to me including the pilot and the co-pilot.

"It was just really, really good fun".

As the holiday season draws to a close Karon said she will never forget the unique experience.

"I was so relaxed, we were all on first name terms before they'd even closed the doors. I will never ever forget it. This is one for the memories always".