Boy, 10, leads police on 50-mile car chase in Ohio

A 10-year-old boy in Cleveland, Ohio, led the police on a high-speed chase on the motorway after stealing his family's car - for the second time this month.

The child left his mother's home at around 9am, and the chase ended 50 miles away, according to the Cleveland Police Department.

Police officials said the car went above 100mph at points during the chase, according to

Shocking dashcam footage recorded in a police car showed how the police brought the chase to an abrupt end, by ramming the back of the car while it was driving in a ditch.

Two other police vehicles then blocked the car in place, and officers managed to get the boy out the car.

Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper Richard Reeder told Cleveland 19 the boy kicked and spat at an officer who was restraining him.

An officer was kicked and spat at by the child while he was being restrained Credit: Ohio State Highway Patrol

"In any pursuit you have to weigh the risk versus reward when chasing a vehicle, and knowing that it was a 10-year-old child involved as a driver there’s a big unknown there.

One of the troopers made visual contact eye-to-eye contact with the child and motioned for him to pull over, and the child physically shook his head no and continued driving."

"When we were able to get him out of the car he was very agitated. He kicked one of the troopers in the shin, he then spit in the face of the same trooper.

The boy was taken to the hospital as a precaution, and will spend at least one night in a juvenile detention center.