Barack Obama called up for £13-a-day jury duty

Barack Obama is set for a more modest position of public service after being selected for jury duty in Chicago.

The former US president will serve in November and is entitled to $17.20 (£13.10) for each day of service.

Cook County Chief Judge Tim Evans said Mr Obama's safety will be "uppermost in our minds" when he serves.

Mr Obama will soon learn if he will be involved in a criminal case or civil hearings. Credit: AP

Mr Evans confirmed to county commissioners during a budget hearing on Friday that the 56-year-old ex-commander-in-chief had been called up.

Jurors are placed in the pool for either criminal cases or civil hearings and can be called to any of the county's courthouses.

Mr Obama predominantly lives in Washington but is registered to vote in Chicago.

The former senator for Illinois still owns a home in the city's Kenwood neighbourhood.