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Kenya: Uhuru Kenyatta wins presidency in disputed vote

Uhuru Kenyatta has been declared the presidential winner. Credit: AP

Uhuru Kenyatta has been re-elected president of Kenya following a controversial election and a nullified vote.

Mr Kenyatta won a second four-year term with 98% of ballots cast after main opposition leader Raila Odinga withdrew over claims the election was a scam.

He had called on supporters to boycott the election, meaning voting did not take place in 23 of Kenya's 290 constituencies.

An initial vote in August, where Mr Kenyatta also triumphed, was labelled void by the African country's Supreme Court.

Violence then marred attempts at re-running the election.

On Monday incumbent Mr Kenyatta was declared the winner of last week's vote by the election commission chief.

Raila Odinga (orange) boycotted the election. Credit: AP

At least two-thirds of Kenyans are believed to have forgone the latest election.

Some six people were killed in violence during the run-up, including a man shot dead in Nairobi amid fighting between gangs.

Opposition backers also clashed with police, with tear gas being used in some cases to disperse crowds.

Amnesty International has criticised "police brutality" and condemned violence and intimidation by supporters of both presidential candidates.

Declaring Mr Kenyatta the winner, the commission cited an election law that says final results can be announced if the tally will not be affected by the outcome in areas that have yet to vote.

Mr Odinga has demanded a new vote within 90 days.

The August election was nullified after the Supreme Court cited "irregularities and illegalities".