There is less of a stigma to buying food with a “reduced” label, according to a survey conducted by Waitrose.

The supermarket found 53% of shoppers buy from the "reduced" section more often than they did five years ago, with that figure rising to 68% for 18 to 24-year-olds.

Some 26% of respondents said there is no longer a stigma attached to buying reduced food, with 67% saying they are better at finding good deals than they were five years ago.

"Britain has become a nation of agile, price-savvy value-hunters,” the grocer's annual Food and Drink Report said.

"Our survey found that we're not afraid to hunt out special offers or buy food from the 'reduced' shelf to save money.

"Customers enjoy exercising control over their budgets and tracking down the best deals."

"There is no snobbishness about mixing and matching between brands or budget ranges, using our increased knowledge to get the best deal.

"It's less about saving money, and more about not wasting it."

However, consumers are still reluctant to compromise on certain items, including meat, wine, chocolate and coffee.

The survey also found 65% of respondents regularly visit a supermarket more than once a day.