Besieged and starved: The forgotten suffering of Syria's children

Warning: This article contains distressing images and video

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Paul Davies

Since the battle of Aleppo ended late last year the reality of Syria's civil war has fallen into the background.

But ITV News has been given a grim reminder of the forgotten suffering of children caught up in the five-year conflict outside of Damascus.

Babies are starving to death in the rebel-held Ghouta region, which has been besieged and bombed by pro-government troops for years.

Pictures captured by ITV News cameraman Humam Husari show one of the war's latest victims - 36-day-old Karim.

Four days ago Karim's mother went out with him looking for flour to make food with.

But when pro-government forces launched bombs and shells on Gouta she was killed and Karim badly injured.

The new-born suffered head injuries and lost an eye.

Karim, who lost an eye, is cradled by his father.

Karim has four older siblings, all of whom will now have to be looked after by their grieving father.

Our pictures showed Gouta at eerie times of quiet, but it never stays like that for long.

Sunday's bombardment sent hundreds of people running panic.

The increasing frequency of the bombing is a sign that president Bashar Assad's grip on the region is tightening.

The UN denounced the attack as an "outrage" and demanded aid be allowed in, but the siege shows no sign of ending.

Karim's four siblings now have no mother.