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Launch of iPhone X draws huge crowds after fans camp overnight for £999 device

Customers queue outside the Regent Street Apple store. Credit: PA

The launch of the iPhone X drew huge crowds outside Apple shops after tech fans camped overnight.

Despite it being Apple's most expensive phone, devotees were not deterred by the £999 price tag.

The new device boasts an edge-to-edge screen and uses FaceID, facial recognition technology, for the first time.

It also does away with the Home button which allows for a bigger screen.

Marco Pierre White Jr was among the first customers. Credit: PA

Wireless charging, Animoji - which lets you turn your face into an animated character - and a new Portrait mode in selfies also attracted buyers.

Reality TV star and son of the famous chef, Marco Pierre White Jr, was among the early customers, having camped out overnight to reserve his place in the line.

Industry experts had predicted large queues for the launch, after the iPhone 8 - released in September - was met with a muted response.

The new iPhone X. Credit: PA

Smartphone expert Ernest Doku, from, said many consumers had chosen to wait for the X as they saw it as the "main event" phone.

Hundreds queued overnight to ensure they were among the first to buy the device, including White, amid reports of limited early stock being available in the first days of sale.

Last year, former Celebrity Big Brother contestant White admitted in court to racking up thousands of pounds on a ex-girlfriend's bank card, which the court was told included a visit to an Apple Store and paying for an Uber.

Many other customers who pre-ordered the iPhone X had been given delivery dates up to six weeks away, after the initial stock sold out in minutes when pre-orders began on October 27.

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Large queues were reported outside Apple retail stores globally, including in Australia and China.

Tweeting early on Friday morning, Apple chief executive Tim Cook thanked customers who were "turning out around the world" to buy the new phone.