Officials at the British Horseracing Authority are taking "extremely seriously" allegations made by former jockey Gay Kelleway.

Now a successful trainer Kelleway, 53, who broke new ground for female riders, said she encountered serious harassment during her riding years, including an incident at Leicester racecourse involving a "senior jockey" when there were "stewards around".

She told the Daily Mirror: "I got harassed so much, people have no idea what sort of a tough time I had. It was horrible.

"I just wished they would leave me alone. All I wanted was to do my job to the best of my ability."

She added: "I was young then. I was a kid. I never said anything because no one believed you. 'You must have provoked them' - that's what you got."

Responding to the article, the BHA said in a statement on its official Twitter page: "The BHA takes these allegations extremely seriously.

"We are working with all partners in our sport to ensure people are treated with respect. We are contacting the trainer concerned to seek further details.