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Smog forces Prince Charles to change plans on trip to India

Prince Charles was forced change his plans on a trip to India as a result of thick smog.

The Prince of Wales was in Delhi, which is currently wrapped in a think blanket of polluted fog.

Construction has been halted, lorries have been banned and the schools closed for a week under measures to protect public health.

That meant that a planned trip to a school had to be scrapped - with the children coming to visit the Prince instead of the other way around.

Children chatted with the Prince on the hastily-rescheduled visit. Credit: ITV News

While on his visit, the Prince laid a wreath to India's fallen soldiers.

When he does the same in the UK this weekend, it will be a milestone moment in his role as heir to the throne.

This year will mark the first time that the Queen does not carry out the duty herself, passing it on to her son to carry out in her place.

Prince Charles lays a wreath to India's fallen soldiers Credit: AP

When he becomes King, Charles also wants to be head of the Commonwealth group of countries.

His current trip to India is part of a tour of some of the 52 nations that make up the group.

The Prince was on a charm offensive during his visit, saying the "sheer diversity" of the Commonwealth is among its greatest strengths.