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Four dead after shooting rampage in Northern California

Police said there were at least three dead after the shooting rampage. Credit: NBC News

Four people have died and two children are among the wounded after a mass shooting in Northern California, police said.

Police say that a gunman "randomly" targeted people during a rampage in Rancho, Tehama, which included "multiple shots" fired at the area's elementary school.

The suspected gunman was shot dead by law enforcement, while four victims were also killed.

Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said there were seven shooting scenes and there may be more victims who have not yet been discovered by police.

Jeanine Quist, an administrative assistant with the Corning Union Elementary School District, says no-one was killed at the school, but a "number" of students were shot and wounded.

Two children - one at the school and another in a pickup truck - were among the injured, Mr Johnston told media.

Hospitals said they had treated at least seven people caught up in the attack, including three children.

Investigators have recovered a semi-automatic rifle and two handguns linked to the rampage.

The Record Searchlight said that emergency scanner reports indicated that a six-year-old child with two bullet wounds was among those hurt.

Witness Salvador Tello said he saw the gunman shoot at a truck in front of him as he dropped off his three children at school. He made his children get down and slammed his vehicle into reverse.

Mr Tello said he also saw a a dead woman lying on a street about a quarter of a mile from Rancho Tehama School.

The school was put on lockdown after the shooting, and children were later evacuated to a safe place.

The Ranch Tehama Reserve lies around 200 miles north of San Francisco. It had a population of just 1,485 at the 2010 census.

News of the shooting comes just weeks after 26 people, including many children, were killed in a mass shooting at a church in Texas.