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Military widow reveals baby's gender in Veterans Day tribute to late husband

Cassie Lohrey gathered servicemen who knew her husband for the reveal. Credit: Saralyn Johnson

A woman whose husband died in a military plane crash has revealed the gender of their baby with the help of some of those who served alongside him.

Cassie Lohrey was showered in a flurry of pink confetti by some of Ryan Lohrey's "close brothers” in the celebration on Veterans Day, an American holiday honouring military veterans.

Navy corpsman Ryan was one of 16 servicemen killed when the plane they were travelling in to a training base crashed in July.

The couple had only been married for a month when he died. Three weeks later, Mrs Lohrey found out she was pregnant.

Ryan Lohrey was killed in a plane crash in July 2017. Credit: Cassie Lohrey

She told ITV News: "Once I found out I was pregnant I️ was ecstatic. I knew Ryan wouldn’t leave me alone.

"I chose to reveal our baby on Veterans Day to honour daddy. Veterans Day is special every year but this year was extra special. The military was such an important and large part of our life I figured it was important to incorporate that into it."

Mrs Lohrey asked a group of Marine and Navy corpsmen who had served with her husband to take part in the reveal, and said there was "no hesitation at all" from them about taking part.

"They have been with me from day one and continue to give me so much support," she said.

Photographer and family friend Saralyn Johnson was asked to capture the moment of the reveal.

She said: "It was very evident to me what a special man Ryan was and how many lives he had touched.

"This baby has given her a reason to celebrate life again and not just walk through it."

Cassie Lohrey is expecting their baby in March 2018. Credit: Cassie Lohrey

The baby girl is due in March 2018 and will be named Ryan Jo Lohrey, using her father's first name and her mother's middle name.

Mrs Lohrey and her baby have been left without financial support as a result of the tragedy and a fundraising page has been set up to support them.

The servicemen embrace Cassie after the reveal. Credit: Saralyn Johnson