Morrissey: Kevin Spacey has been 'needlessly attacked' over sexual assault claims

Morrissey said Kevin Spacey had been 'needlessly attacked'

Kevin Spacey has been "needlessly attacked" over allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour, pop singer Morrissey has said.

The former Smiths frontman said that recasting Spacey in a new film following the allegations was "ridiculous", and said that many of the actresses who made allegations about disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein "knew exactly what was happening" and were "simply disappointed".

The singer made his provocative comments in an interview with a German newspaper.

Spacey has been hastily replaced in the forthcoming film All The Money In The World by actor Christopher Plummer, following a claim by actor Anthony Rapp that Spacey made sexual advances towards him in 1986, when he was 14.

Rapp claimed that Spacey, who at the time of the alleged incident was aged 26, placed him on a bed and climbed on top of him following a party at his apartment.

Spacey said he was "beyond horrified" by the allegation, adding that he does not remember the alleged incident - but offered an apology.

Spacey has said he was 'beyond horrified' at Rapp's allegation Credit: PA

In his interview with Der Spiegel, Morrissey was asked what he thought about Spacey being replaced and he replied: "I think that's ridiculous. As far as I know, he was in the bedroom with a 14-year-old.

"Kevin Spacey was 26, the boy 14. In that case, you ask yourself where the parents of the boy were? You ask yourself whether the boy sensed what could happen.

"I don't know how things are with you, but I have never been in situations like these in my youth. Never.

"I was always aware of what could happen. If you're in somebody's bedroom, you need to be aware of where that could lead.

"Because of that, all of that doesn't seem very credible to me. To me it seems as if Spacey was needlessly attacked."

Following an investigation by the Old Vic, where Spacey was artistic director between 2004 and 2015, 20 further people have come forward to make allegations against him.

Several actresses have made allegations against film producer Weinstein Credit: AP

Questioned about actresses who went into hotel rooms with movie mogul Weinstein, Morrissey replied: "The people know exactly what is happening and they are playing along.

"Afterwards they find it embarrassing or they didn't like it. And then they turn it around and say 'I've been attacked, I've been surprised, I was dragged into the room'.

"But if everything had gone just fine and made possible a great career, they wouldn't talk about it.

"I hate rape. I hate sexual assault. I hate sexual situations that are forced upon someone.

"But in very many of these cases, you look at the circumstances and you think that the person, who is called a victim, is simply disappointed.

"In all the history of music and rock n roll, there there have been musicians who were sleeping with their groupies.

"If you go through the history, almost everybody is culpable to have slept with minors. Why not throw all of them in jail?"