NHS warns Budget deal may not be enough to meet demand

As Philip Hammond announced a cash boost for the NHS to help them prepare for the winter months in this year's Budget, ITV News visited hospitals already already coming under increasing demand.

The Chancellor announced an immediate £350 million boost to deal with the months ahead acknowledging the pressure Trusts are under.

In response to the Budget, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said: "The government recognises it is our most important public service, it's under a lot of pressure.

"And what the NHS said to us is 'Look, you may not be able to help us solve all the funding pressures in the NHS in this Budget but please recognise some of our immediate concerns and immediate pressures', which is what this does."

An extra £1.6 billion is allocated for the next year and another £2.8 billion has been committed over the next two years but it still falls short of the £4 billion demanded by NHS leaders.

Although , it is still short of the £4 billion demanded by NHS leaders.NHS bosses warned their would be consequences.

Sarah-Jane Marsh, Chief Executive of Birmingham Children's and Women's Hospital, said that they have been forced to cancel routine operations to ensure patients have beds.

"Not having enough resource makes you inefficient," she said.

NHS leaders are to meet next week to decide what care hospitals can continue to offer after the Budget settlement.